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What Is Wi-Fi Tethering?

Most people in today's society are always looking for a way to stay connected to the internet. They can go down to a local coffee house and enjoy the free Wi-Fi that is provided to play games and use social networks or they can read the local news of the day right at their office. With the advancement in wireless technology over the past ten years, the internet can now be accessed at any time on mobile phones and tablets based upon place and connection. Sometimes, however, there are moments where certain items need viewing on more than just a phone or tablet and that is when the phenomenon known as tethering comes into play.


Tethering provides a customer with the opportunity to use the internet connection on their cellular phone and share it with other devices that they own, such as a tablet or a laptop computer. The tethering can be done via a Wi-Fi, Bluetooth compatible or live cable connection to the phone or device itself. The strength of your connection is always going to be based upon the signal your phone is getting at any given time. Multiple devices can be tethered to the main hotspot all at the same time but the decrease in speed will be apparent when trying to run an internet based application, such as browsing the internet or online gaming.


The internet connection that you would be receiving through the tethering would be based upon the data package that you purchased from your network provider.. Another main key to tethering is that each device connected through your phone will count against your data usage. This is vital in determining what devices are needed at any given point and when and when not to use the tethering feature at all. If you are at a place that provides free Wi-Fi, such as a coffee house or a home, than using your device as a mobile hot spot for your laptop would not charge against your data plan There are applications available for tethering mobile devices that allow you to set standards about how much data can be used at any point as well as specific devices with passwords that given access.


There are many cell phone and network providers in the United States and all have a different stance on tethering and mobile hotspots. Some companies do not offer this has a viable option within the data packages they offer while others offer it with monthly fees based upon the amount of data usage per month. If tethering is something that is needed for your home or work, it is best to contact your cell phone provider and see if it is available for use.

Peter Wendt is a writer that loves to travel. Sometimes he has issues finding internet access and will utilize tethering. He prefers Wi-Fi though, especially from one of the more reliable hotspot providers like this one.

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