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Tips to Choosing a Samsung TV

Samsung is one of the best manufacturers of quality HDTVs in the world. There are a whole lot of new TV models that Samsung keeps pulling out, so it can become a bit overwhelming when getting to make an actual choice for your next purchase. Choosing the right Samsung TV for yourself at a price you can afford can be a difficult task if you don't know a few facts about these TVs in the first place.

There are several important factors to take into account if you want to be pleased with your next purchase. Think about the size of the television you want, most importantly where it will sit and if it will fit.

You don't want to purchase a large TV that won't fit in its destined spot and you won't want a small set so you have to squint from a distance to get an idea of what's going on in the movie. First things first: you need to measure the space you've got available for a TV. This should help solve a lot of size related issues.

After this is done, you should now direct your attention towards the type of screen you want to have in your home. There are three different types of screens in TVs nowadays, each with its upsides and downsides.

The first type is the standard LCD. These screens work, and you'll see them pretty much everywhere as they are affordable and produce a decent quality image.

LED screens are just like the LCDs, but they use LEDs for backlighting which makes more bright screens and vivid colors. These are the new hype and you should try and get one of these for yourself. They come with plenty of additional features from the standard TV, including 3D capabilities, Internet TV and much more. These features will help you enjoy wider entertainment options. You can basically recreate a cinema experience in your own home with the right TV set and audio equipment.

The third type of televisions is the plasma TVs. These are usually very large screens which have great picture and extremely high refresh rates. This means that you can watch high speed, fast action sports and movies without having to suffer from blurred images and hazy action. These TVs do come with one downside though, and that is the screen burn-in effect. Basically, if you leave the TV with one still image on the screen for extended periods of time, the image will "burn-into" the screen making it look as if the image remains even during normal movie watching operation.

Other things you should focus on when purchasing a TV are the image resolution and contrast ratio. TV technology has evolved quite a bit and right now the standard with any HDTV is their large resolution capabilities. With a typical Samsung TV you'll have a screen that's Full 1080p HD ready with a decent contrast ratio to make the blacks look black and improved picture quality.

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