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HDMI Matrix - An Easy Solution For Connecting Multiple Devices

What do you do when your high-definition television set has only one HDMI connection, but you have several HD components that you want to connect? In today's digital age people are hungry to have different components to capture or view videos or pictures, watch the latest 3D movie release, play an xBox game or revisit of the baby's first birthday. The problem is that many older high-definition televisions are designed with a single HDMI port. In order to resolve a problem where there are more connections than HDMI ports, you use a HDMI matrix.

The problem with having so many high-definition gadgets is that many HDTVs have a single port. Well, there is another problem: You've run out of space to store all this stuff in your entertainment center. The good news is that using an HDMI matrix switcher, solves both problems. Buying an HDMI switch won't send you to the poorhouse either.

An HDMI matrix acts as a hub for multiple source devices and then relays the audio and video signals to a receiver, typically an HD television. Some HDMI switch devices allow you to switch between the components using a remote control or manually pushing a button on the unit. More advanced HDMI switch devices actually automatically change over to a component when it is powered on or when another is shut down.

The basic implementation allows several HD inputs and outputs which can be conveniently selected in any combination. If you have to extend the distance between the switch box, HD components and the television then choose a more advanced HDMI matrix unit with the ability to transmit high-definition signals over a CAT5/6 cable. This cable is very lightweight and flexible making it an ideal solution for stringing through ceilings or walls. Some HDMI matrix switchers allow you to flip between different components and even select another combination of devices while the first selection is active.

There are a number of different HDMI matrix models the most popular supporting 3 inputs and 1 output. That means you can connect 3 HD devices and switch between each to view on a single output, your television. There are several other input/output configurations available including 4x2 (4 inputs/ 2 outputs), 4x4, 8x8 and even 16X16.

You don't have to be a high-end technology business to benefit from these solutions. Small businesses and the home gadget experts benefit from using HDMI matrix units offering simple and reliable HDMI distribution.

Connecting an HDMI matrix is simple and you'll have all your components configured in just a few minutes. Contact the digital team at or call directly at (818) 503-6200.

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