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Tips to Make Your Computer Faster

Some people easily confuse Internet Speed with computer speed but there is a very big difference between them. When you clean your browser it does not improve your internet performance, it only cleans your computer of some space. What you need is space for your PC to run smoothly. The best performance of the computer is because of a hard disk with plenty of space and a spacious memory. You can speed up your computer and it's booting speed by trying some of these:

Disk Defragmentation

Your system tools will give you an option of defragmentation that can help creating space on your hard disk. It is normal to defragment your disk about once a month. You can use the defragmenter that comes with Windows and you can also look for other softwares that often faster. You can search them online and you will find many different programs for defragmentation. They are not always free so you need to make sure you have some bucks to spare.

Uninstall All Unimportant Programs

Visit the list of your programs in Control Panel, and you will find that there are many that you do not use any more. There may be some programs that your friends installed to use for once and you never got a chance to delete them. This is where you click uninstall and easily get rid of any programs that you do not need.

Reinstall BIOS

Start up depends highly on BIOS and if your computer is too old you might need to update your BIOS. This might require you to take your PC to an expert and he will help you with it. Also, look for different software to help you update your BIOS. If this is the problem you will be able to make your computer faster.

Configure Startup

Most people have never heard of this idea and it usually works for most. You need to go to RUN and configure your startup. This requires you to cancel all the programs that you do not want to run on startup. Usually the PC takes that long to start because it has to wait and load some of the programs that run in the background.

Clean Your Disk

Clean all your disks and all their part of the temporary files and anything else that you do not use any more. The key is to keep your computer updated in every way. Get rid of the files that you have stored online and remove any media that is available on the Internet if your computer is very slow. If you have a secure connection you will not need them at all.

This should make your computer run fast but if it does not then do not stop trying to look for other methods that help improve computer performance. Also, begin saving for a new machine if it is not too much trouble.

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