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Powerful Video Extenders Send Video Without Degradation

A video extender or video over CAT5 extender is used to transmit video over long distances. These products are perfect for transmitting video from a computer located in one room to a monitor of LCD display in another room. In fact, the distances that you can send the video signal are pretty amazing. Find out more about using video extenders in this brief article.

A video extender is used to send video signals down a cable longer distances than can be achieved with the cable that comes with a monitor or projector. Often presentation rooms are set up where the host computer is located more than 10 or 15 feet from the projector. In other scenarios, such as in banks, military settings or in hospital applications, the monitor must be in a room separate from the computer. This may be for security or another reason, but the challenge is getting the computer and monitor connected so that the video is displayed without distortion. This is when the video over CAT5 extender is used instead of traditional video cable.

One type of video extender is the VGA over CAT5 device. The benefit of using this component is that the short bulky VGA cable provided with a new monitor won't transmit the video signal more than a few dozen feet. Beyond that and the video ends up distorted on the receiving display. By using a VGA over CAT5 extender, the signal is transported a very long distance from the host PC, as much as 1,000 feet.

The video extender is also used outside of business applications. For example, you may have a digital video recorder, or DVR, in your family room, but want to be able to view or record a broadcast from the television in your bedroom. In this case a video extender is used to send the signal from the bedroom television to the DVR in the family room.

The other type of popular configuration using a video over CAT5 extender is sending a single signal from one source to multiple displays. For example, an airport would send the arrival and departure schedule from a control center to multiple displays located throughout the airport terminals.

Now that you understand the different uses for a video extender you probably are thinking of ways to use them at home or at work. They really have been a big improvement over having to always have a display directly next to a computer.

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